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The Prophet Ezekiel: Why Dry Bones is Called Dry Bones.
Secret Codes Hidden War
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Cartoon strategies to fight
History Denial, Antisemitism, and
to promote Continuity.

History is being rewritten to portray Jews as demonic, sub-human, and the enemy of mankind. Cartoons and books are important vehicles for these calls for violence and denial of history.
Dry Bones Project is a tax-deductible project of Report Org

The mission of Dry Bones Project is, through research and analysis, to create an educational outreach to advance popular understanding and to correct this willful rewriting of history. The project intends to do so by means of cartoons, cartoon history books, and other works and through educational lectures.

The China Outreach:An educational, academic project to bring understanding of Jewish history in the Land of Israel. Info and videos of Kirschen lecturing at top Chinese Universities at:


Viral Antisemitism in Cartoons:The creation of an online research asset; a comprehensive academic library of antisemitic cartoons and the image codes which virally propagate their libels. it is called:

Secret Codes Hidden War

The Haggadah Project:The creation of a Dry Bones Haggadah in which every page is framed with educational commentary in Dry Bones cartoon form (funded through an appeal to the public in a successful kickstarter campaign).

the Dry Bones Haggadah

The next step will be the distribution of the Haggadah and the creation of a companion "Guide to the Haggadah."

The Haggadah can be examined at


The Dry Bones Project educates and advances civic responsibility by countering the rewriting of history by governments and non-governmental organizations, their funders, and associated frameworks.

Donations are needed: help us win this battle. Instructions for tax-deductible donations are below under Instructions for Donors. Regular donations below under Pay Pal

Instructions for Donors

1. Tax-deductible donations to Dry Bones Project should be made out to “REPORT, Inc.”
2. Important: Include a cover note stating that these funds are to be directed to Dry Bones Project.
3. Checks and the accompanying cover letter should be sent to:
PMB 225
1121 N. Bethlehem Pike, Ste 60
Spring House, PA 19477

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